Making Sure The Perfect Candidate Is Really Perfect

Bringing someone into the company is a big deal. The average job posting receives somewhere between 240 and 300 resumes. If you spend just five minutes on each resume – you will spend somewhere 20 and 60 hours just checking resumes.

Then when you cut resumes down to interviewees there’s the next hurdle of arranging interviews and getting round to making an offer. The final stage is the background check, which depending on your preferences might be extensive.

One way out of this hell is to use a service who can take on the tasks. Of course, it is for a fee, but if you consider you could lose half of your working month to find a single candidate and that is time that you’re not spending on your business, perhaps it is not so expensive.

employer background check services

There are lots of employer background check services but few are actually accredited with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners who are careful to ensure that any checks carried out are done in the most professional manner possible and in strict compliance with the laws that protect the individual and you.

There are lots of reasons to bring in a paid for check service. For a start, they have access to all sorts of different resources the average organization doesn’t employ and secondly if they are to be worth their fee, they will be considerably quicker at the task than you could be. All of which gets you back to doing your real job – it is a matter of using what resources you have to the very best

Hiring a new employee is a little like playing roulette. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But wouldn’t it be a better idea to shorten the odds.